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This isn't really ORK-related, though it might be.

When making edits to your Gui skin, those changes should present themselves immediately in testing, right? Because when I make a change to say, the padding section, nothing changes when I run the game in test mode.

I've also tried changing the skin's font, to no avail too. Is there a special procedure that Unity requires to update this? Frustrated :/
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  • Not really, if you add a different font (ORK is only using the overall font of the GUI skin, so you need to change the font in the highest hierarchy of the GUI skin) it should be used in-game.
    Same goes for paddings.

    But keep in mind that you need to do those changes before a GUI is displayed, because the content is mostly precalculated once when displayed, so changes to the GUI skin wont affect it afterwards.
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  • There's goooootta be something to do with this Skin I downloaded. I've transplanted all of the textures and settings from the new one into the BaseSkin, and eureka! I can finally edit things and they take immediate effect!

    Thanks for trying to help GiL!
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