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i use my own script to save extra point for Hero player status ( atk,def,agi,,,,etc);

but when i load it (loading ok ) and want to add it to player they dont add !!!

script no problem i think , but if i click on player at runtime and see status for him in the inspector , nothing changed in Hero status and in battle !!!

here is some of code i use :

Combatant my_Hero;

if (Hero.Length > 0) {

// array of game object prefabs , i use only one hero in this case

group = ORK.Game.PlayerHandler.GetGroup(0);

foreach (GameObject aa in Hero) {


my_Hero = ORK.Combatants.Create(1, group);


string Hero_Name=PlayerPrefs.GetString("Hero_Name");


for(int i=4;i<11;i++)

print (i+" = "+ PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Hero_Status_Extra"+i));
// the log show me extra point that i need to add


my_Hero.Status[11].SetValue(main.Hero_Exp,true,true,true,true,true,true); // => OK

my_Hero.Inventory.SetMoney(0,main.Hero_Mony,false,false); // => OK

Vector3 point=GameObject.Find("Hero_spawn").transform.position;

my_Hero.Spawn(point, false, 0f, false, new Vector3 (1f,1f,1f)); // ok


if (my_Hero.GameObject.GetComponent<CombatantComponent>() != null) {

my_Hero.GameObject.GetComponent<CombatantComponent> ().combatant.Status[1].Changed += StatusValueChanged;
my_Hero.GameObject.GetComponent<CombatantComponent> ().combatant.Status[11].Changed += StatusValueChanged;
my_Hero.GameObject.GetComponent<CombatantComponent> ().combatant.LevelChanged += LevelChanged;


i also try to use bonus by script , but i dont find it in member of hero object script !

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  • For Normal type status values, you should use the AddBaseValue function if you want to add the bonus permanently.
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  • AddBaseValue work :)
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