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Hey, I had a thought. When switching class, I can either keep the level that I've earned, or reset the data. So what if I wanted the game to remember the 'Knight' level of a character, and reset to 1 for the new class, allowing me to switch back to Knight at the previously obtained level?

Basically, I want to be able to switch classes on the fly, while remembering the class levels already obtained up to now for that character.
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  • Well, that's exactly what's happening when you change class if you don't enable Reset Class Level :)
    The class levels are bound to the class, each class has it's own class level.
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  • Ah, that's good! I haven't tested it yet, since I can't level my classes until the class exp bug is fixed. In hindsight, I can just set the starting class level and test from there :p
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