Hello everyone!

First off, apologies if I overlooked certain tutorial and/or support forum for the answer to my questions.

I want to start off with what I know:
I am a very strong C# programmer. I've had 5+ years in Unity (going way back when I started using.. I think.. Unity 2.4, wow).

Now I'm at the point where I want to make a serious game. I purchased Ork Framework, because I believe that it would help reduce the amount of programming time it takes for me to develop the game. While I know how to make games from scratch, I do not want to spend so many hours, days, weeks to come up with inventory system, crafting system, etc. I just want to make a game and if I want to create special system, I can create my own. I'm only one programmer who wants to at least get a game out there... just like many other developers.

Now to the point:

I made an awesome main menu in world space with Oculus VR support. Got all that working no problem. The main menu consists of New Game, Load Game, blah blah, and Exit.

When I click on New Game, the camera moves to another area (same scene). Very much like this:

Of course I did not make that menu, but my menu is very similar to that. Clicking on new game takes me to a character selection. Once I pick a character, the game proceed to start a new game based on that character.

That's when I purchased Ork Framework in hope that its system would help me develop game faster. Now I'm finding out that Ork has a Main Menu with options I am to set, configure, etc.

Coming from a programmer's background, how do I ...

Skip Ork's main menu and just tell Ork that this Canvas is the main menu?

I want to click on "New Game" and move camera to other area to select 1 of 3 characters. How do I do that entirely in Ork?

I guess my real problem in understanding Ork Framework is how do I integrate my own code into Ork? Or am I limited to exactly what is laid out by Ork Framework?

What I really need is a layout of exactly how the Ork process. I understand about using Ork Scene wizard to add a starting point in a scene. I understand that Ork project asset file is created and that I can create events and save events in assets folder. How does events get triggered?

I hope that someone would make a list of links that answers all my questions above.... or write a super awesome long answer to all my questions.

Thank you...
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    When you bought ORK you bought the ability to modify its scripts. I suggest you open the scripts and take a look. But before you can successfully modify them, I think you need to play with the demo and see how it works and look at the tutorials to get a good understanding of what you can do without using script, which is a lot.

    You can use your own menu that is graphically set up any way you want---if you can program the buttons as you most certainly can do in C#, you can not only load the next scene---but load any pop up screens you might want to load in the main menu--for example--options, credits etc, all of which ORK does but maybe you want something to be as you want it that might be different.

    The only thing is that usually you have to load an old save file in the main menu--so you might have to script the load button in the main menu to call the ORK Framework and use whatever script ORK uses to load its saves. You can ask in the scripting section here how to do that. I've been toying with the idea of making my own main menu scene. I don't think it would be hard.

    It seems that for you that first scene you'd load from the main menu would be your character creation scene--put your ORK game starter there----where you create your character.

    If you have your game starter prefab in your create character scene you can set that up via events in ORK. Make an Autostart event that would call the event to create your character(s).

    You're not limited in what's set out by ORK if you know how to code--you can modify anything if you know how. There's a scripting section here for help. You have to call the ORK Framework namespaces in your code. Look at the scripting section in this forum.

    Events get triggered either using Autostart for the event--and it will start automatically when you enter a scene or by trigger or by an interact button or whatever else the choices are in the event setup, which I'm not looking at right now. Look at the tutorials for that.

    I think you have an advantage in being able to code. But you can make a beautiful game not knowing how to script at all. : )

    I suggest you go through the tutorials to get a good understanding of how things work and then ask any questions in the scripting forum about what you want to modify.
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  • As Cat said, I'd recommend first going through the game tutorials to learn using ORK (without scripting).

    You don't have to use ORK's main menu, you can call all of it's functionality from script - there are some scripting how-tos available, e.g. a short one about the basics.
    There are already some related topics in the scripting section of the forum. If you can't find what you're looking for, just ask here - it's usually just a single line of code to call the functionality :)
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  • Definitely hit up the tutorials (if only to read them) as everyone has already mentioned. You can also browse through the api here. And if you haven't already take a gander at the scripting forum and see some of the questions and solutions other users have found incorporating ORK directly into their custom code.

    It really is quite delightfully straightforward to integrate.
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  • Okay! I feel much better hearing how I'm not limited to what Ork has setup for me. I can pretty much do anything, just need to integrate some of my stuff with Ork via scripting.

    I'll most likely dive in scripting, so I'm going to study up on those tutorials!

    Thank you very much for your time and direction.

    Have a great day!
  • Looking forward to what you make. : )
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