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    Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath. He let his domain expire months ago, so everyone should assume that he won't be coming back.

    I've tried running both assets through 2 or 3 different .NET decompilers to see if there might be any way of resurrecting them. PM Actions for ORK maybe, but it would still be a lot of work. BD Actions is considerably more complicated and it would be more effort than it is worth. Especially since I only ever looked at the demo once before I moved on to newer ORK versions, so I don't really even know how it's supposed to work from the user side.

    Documentation was all online, so it's gone, and none of it appears to have been indexed on archive.org.

    None of this would be an issue if he'd included the source code with the assets (or otherwise made it available to purchasers). But because he only included the DLLs, the assets broke ORK virtually every time that a new ORK version was released. All that would have been needed each time to keep it from breaking would have been to recompile the DLLs with the latest ORK version -- adding support for any new ORK features could have come later.

    So be very hesitant to take a dependency on any 3rd party asset where you have no access to the source code -- even if you're not a programmer. If you have the source code then at least somebody should be able to get things working again for you.

    I tried out PM Actions when it first came out and I thought it was pretty cool, but I ditched it the first time I updated ORK and everything broke due to PM Actions not being updated. Far too risky to take on such a dependency, unless you're committed to version-locking on Unity and all 3rd party assets.

    EDIT: Should tanohmz ever return and read this... I apologize if I'm coming across as too harsh. But I speak the truth.
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  • I spent a bit more time poking around the decompiled source files.

    I understand why they were only released as DLLs. The decompiled source code is never a precise match for the original code, but I can tell that there was a significant amount of copy and paste from the ORK gameplay and BD) source code in order to create modified/extended versions of many ORK classes such that FSM values, events, etc could be passed back and forth.

    These two assets would be a nightmare to try to maintain, given the number of "intermediary" classes that are essentially duplicate ORK or BAD classes with a few extra fields or modified functions.

    In all honesty, I would have probably abandoned them too. ;-)
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  • And yet this package is still sold on the Asset Store miss leaning newbies thinking they'll get a bridge between Playmaker and ORK Framework. I already wrote Unity's asset store team to take the packages down, I'm just another username to them.
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    I guess all we can really do is upvote the comments that say it doesn't work.

    I also gave it a few tags - broken, not supported, not up to date
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