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I have an interesting question I think, and I think this is the right area for it but I'm not sure.

I'm interested in regenerating status values, such as HP or MP that comes back over time in battle, for an ATB battle system. I imagine it could be used in the other battle systems as well, but this is just the one I'm planning on using.

Is this possible? And if it is, would it be just a matter of the right formula/settings, or would it involve heavy scripting?
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    That's already possible - you can regenerate Consumable type status values by either using status effects, or by adding Status Value Time Changes to your combatants.

    You can add time changes for field and battles individually, and they use the usual methods to define the change (a value, game variable, formula, ...). Additionally you can set a minimum/maximum value the status value must have to do the changes :)

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  • thanks, that's awesome, I'll look into that today!
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