Would it be safe to use the Destroy Prefab > Spawn Prefab for this? I could set up an event that changes the class along with these steps, but I wanted to make sure if this would actually maintain the combatant settings. Thanks!
  • Why not just use Combatants > Combatant > Conditional Prefabs set to Classes?
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  • True! ORK is so extensive, I miss these things
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    Some other things I wish to ask:

    1. How can I perform a Class Change event for a specific combatant from a Menu Screen? Or any event for that matter!

    2. I'm trying to set something up where if a combatant reaches a Class Level for multiple classes, it can unlock a new Class. Normally, using Check Status (to check the Class Level) would be ideal; however, it seems to only allow me to check the level of the combatant's current class.
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  • 1) There's a Change Class step in the event system for that.
    To call an event from a menu screen, you have to add it as a Global Event (in the World section of the editor). You can start global events from Button List menu parts in menu screens and from items/abilities.

    2) Yeah, you currently can only check the status of the current class - I'll look into adding checks for other classes as well.
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  • Alright, that's swell. Thanks!
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