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In battle mode some time battle cant contenue ( stop ) when an enemy ( last enemy ) not in write place , battle menu appear but attak or magic is disable.

In editor at runtime , when i change posetion of enemy and move it manuly nearst player or battle area it do ok and can attak.

Also , after an enemy strike it return to other enemy posetion ( i not use riged body in my case )

How can we solve this ?!!
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  • Maybe there is something wrong in the Battle System -> Battle Range or AI Range Settings? And check also the battle spots in the "Scene" of unity. Here you can see where your combatants should spawn. (I guess it is a turn based battle system in your scenario?)
  • Battle Range solve my first problem, thanks widing89

    Q2 :
    after an enemy strike it return to other enemy posetion

    any idea ?
  • Maybe there is an error in the runback script of your Attack? If you have made your own, take the one from tutorial resources.
  • Make sure the combatant runs back to his battle spot as explained in the game tutorials. Also, it could be that you didn't spawn/place/move the combatants at their battle spots, i.e. it'll return somewhere else after their first action that involves running back to the battle spot.
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  • i solve that by adding random posetion so if the enemy more than 3 its take random posetion.

    Thanks weding, Gil
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