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hi guys, today I have a REALLY stupid question, but I've been going through the Framework and the Tutorials and can't remember how to fix it. This is what you see when you select abilities in my battle menu:


Where in the framework do I edit that so I can justify my ability text to the left, and then lower the font size of the cost? I'm sorry, I'm just can't figure it out today.
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  • You can find the settings for this in the GUI box you're using. The Choice Settings contain the settings for the text and info alignment.
    The text format found there is for all texts of a choice - guess different format for the info will come in the next update :D

    Meanwhile you could solve this by adding text codes to the Use Cost Display settings in Menus > Menu/Shop Settings.
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  • ah cool thank you very much. I put in the ATB system today, and wanted to just polish up some errors I had and this was driving me crazy.

    Thanks again.

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