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    I have complete trust in you but I'm not sure Thanksgiving has anything to do with payments--Christmas maybe--I just think the process should give as many people as want to contribute a chance--maybe Jade will have another way. A friend in another country maybe. : )

    I made my contribution. I'm hoping that was all I had to do.

    When I contributed to the save the doggies/kitties from the kill shelter for Posh Pets, paypal was a choice to pay or just contribute. Just mentioning.

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  • Maybe have more than one funding method-- add one that takes PayPal.
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    False alarm.

    Turns out I'm rather extraordinary stupid. Like Kirb said, the list only applies to people *running* the tilt. In my defence, that screen was the first thing they decided to show me which seems like a bad design choice. In any case, my contribution successfully went through.

    Gonna edit my previous post so it won't confuse people.
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  • Good to hear. It is a bit misleading, maybe I should add a little warning on the OP.
    Thanks for pitching in! :)
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  • Good progress in such a short time! We can do this!
  • Posting on RPG forums and game dev forums might help as well.
    I posted on RPGCodex thread and there was some feedback.
  • @hellwalker Yeah, but the only feedback there was from ME. :-P
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    I think its true that we need EVERYONE that owns ORK, if they possibly can, to put some money on this effort. If you want to see a grid based battle system for ORK, then please contribute to the Tilt fund effort. Waiting to see if it gets done by others may spell the end of the effort and then we all lose out since we only have 63 days before its either done or fails. So lets get ORK to have this grid features and please contribute something folks. Together we can do this but its got to be a big group effort.
    Edit: Oh yes, THANK YOU to those who have already contributed. To the rest of you folks, please consider doing so. The sooner this gets funded, the sooner we all can start turning out even more spectacular games that everyone else will want to play!
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    Grid-based battle is very cool and I've been looking at how some other assets do it in the asset store --they're kind of limited imho and need you to add a lot more functionality to make a real game--I don't think any of them rise to what ORK could do for us all if it had this feature.

    I'm now dying to try this. I did contribute and hope we can meet the goal. I think some countries can't take direct debit payments from your bank to contribute to the Tilt but you can use an international credit card and....if you have any problem at all contributing...you can pm Kirb here.

    Here's the Tilt link again. http://tilt.tc/lVmI

    Even lots of little contributions will add up. We need a little over 3 times what we have now.

    So basically YOU are needed and YOU will benefit too.

    Without you, this might not happen and that would be a loss for us all.

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  • Okay, I'm in. For some reason, Tilt decided to use my real name (spoiler: my real name isn't Randy Orlando!), but I'm sure I'll survive.

    Let's hope we can achieve our goal!
  • Hi, I'm still learning Ork's features. This stuff is huge.
    But I had one question meanwhile. Is it possible (Will it be possible in this extension) to have action points similar to wRPG TB games? Like you have certain number of action points and each action, whether it's attack or move costs certain number of AP. Same with enemies and they have to take it into account when fighting player?
  • Feature contribution in! I have some additional questions about what the system might be able to do in the way of examples. Can I make a FF tactics, enchanted arms, type grid combat games? If I can do that then I will be stoked, if not, supporting this extension is still worth it for the community. Admittedly I didn't finished reading the doc before I got too excited and had to contribute. ;) I am still going over the design doc and I am excited. Good luck guys and gals!
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    That's a cute pic on Tilt, robahouston---

    Here's the Tilt link again. http://tilt.tc/lVmI

    It would be great if someone could tilt it over $1000. : )

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    Even if you can contribute just some--it adds up--it's the Law of Large Numbers--the more numbers who contribute however much--it helps us Tilt--

    Thanks to those who contributed--especially to those we had no pledge as far as I know but they did it. : ) It brought the number up closer to the Tilt--which when it Tilts means we get our grid-based addition to the Framework.

    Thank you so much for pitching in.

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    I don't know how to keep this thread prominent in Latest Posts where we need to keep it unless there's some other way to do it---except by always posting--gil does a phenomenal job of helping people and that shows up in Latest Posts and he does it so well my humble attempts to keep the link here prominent in Latest Posts is probably going to be defeated.

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