See my first post of what I'm trying to do here:

I opened the demo that came with the ork framework and it is using legacy gui. No go.

So, I went here: and am not sure on several things:
  • How do I place menu in world space?
  • How do I turn off automatic adding EventSystem?
  • "Name box" is a prefab that is used to create the name box of the GUI box. What? You mean title?
  • "Choice" prefab is used to create the choices of the GUI box. Where is the examples for that?
Assume I have a good knowledge in C# programming.

I want to skip the main menu altogether. How do I do that?

The last answer I got was for me to go through the tutorial. For the above problem I have, where is the tutorial for that? Which page?

  • ORK's GUI system doesn't change when using the new UI - it's still using GUI Boxes (set up in Menus > GUI Boxes in the ORK Framework editor) to display dialogues, menus and HUDs.

    A GUI box consists of:
    - a name box (i.e. title box)
    - a content box (displaying text and choices/buttons)
    - choices (buttons :D)
    - tabs (tab buttons)

    When using the new UI, the look of those elements comes from prefabs instead of GUISkins. Thus, there are different prefab settings for those different parts of a GUI box.
    If you want a different box around the title/name, use a different name box prefab. The choice prefab handles how buttons look, etc.

    If you want to skip the main menu, use a Game Starter and enable Start Game. This will immediately start the game in the scene and start the optional Start Event you can set up in the main menu settings (Menus > Main Menu).
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