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I'm trying to follow the gameplay tutorial that has you create a new game, character, and add animations etc. I've gotten the menu to work and the character to spawn, however, the animations don't seem to be working and neither do the textures (character appears with just a black texture)
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  • Be sure you're using the right prefab. Also, the tutorial doesn't bring animations in till about page 20. I would suggest following through closely and avoiding rabbit trails. I done that at first but I had to catch myself. :)
  • I am using the right pre-fab, and the animation-specific tutorial does come later, but it tells you to add basic animation to the character fairly early, and that's what's not working. THe texture thing seems to have fixed itself by rebooting unity, so I guess it was a unity bug.
  • Awesome! My last idea would be to make sure Use Auto Animation is checked. (Combatants > Combatants > Animation Settings)
  • Yup, that one is also checked.
  • Have you check if the animation names are spell correctly? I once got stuck like that too because I put in Idle, Walk and Run when it was suppose to be lowercase idle, run, and walk.
  • How can I check? I'm using prefabs that came with the tutorial so I didn't set anything up on my own.
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    In the 3rd tutorial or so, I believe, after adding the player in Combatant, it told you to add in the animations idle, walk and run, into the Base/Control>Animation setting, you remember? Check to see if you type in the correct animations. (Since you already got the player to spawn, the part that tell you to add in the basic animations should be right below it in the same tutorial)
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  • Are you saying to check if Animation Type and Animation Name match? They do
  • Check if the animation names you put in are lowercase.
  • Right, they are not
  • There you go, lowercase them and it should work.
  • Aha! Thanks! Works great
  • Awesome! XD
  • Yup, the animations in the game tutorials are all lower case as opposed to the animation types.
    That can get confusing, I know :D
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  • Yeah sorry, when going through tutorials I'm always in a hurry to get to the 'meat' of the system, and skimming quickly it's easy to miss that :) The good news is while waiting for help to fix the animation issue in those few hours I was able to port about 80% of the combat system for my game to this Kit. I was expecting at least a month or more to get that far. This is really well put together.
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