• BTW GiL thanks a lot for moving the BattleSystemType enum to the gameplay code.
  • RustedGames said: Just tested Dialogue System integration is working just fine
    Playmaker Actions is broken though. Its author confirmed in a mail tonight that he'll release the update later today.
  • Can you remind me if the latest ORK works with Unity 5.1.1?

    Have performance issues I have to deal with. Thanks.
  • @Catacomber, from the release notes it says:
    Unity 5.1.0-5.1.2 ORK 2.5.3 :(
  • OK, so I'm dead in the water for using the latest ORK update.

    But balancing the fact that the latest Unity is extremely buggy and not to mention for me unusable on Windows 10---what am I going to do?

    I don't know. To be continued. Right now I'm going to delete all Unity stuff and just think about it.

  • I haven't tried Unity on Windows 10. What exactly doesn't work?
    I was contemplating upgrading my dev box to 10...now, maybe I won't
  • edited February 2016
    The demo scenes of many of my assets freeze or have a very low fps. Shaders are off. That's as far as I've gotten. Performance is terrible.

    Edit: Downloaded the latest patch and it helps a little but still worried--I read that some people had reports of objects just being deleted -- trying the assets I need for my project, including ORK, one by one.

    I was going to revert but can't really if I want to take advantage of ORK's new and upcoming features. Have to bite the bullet.

    For every asset I want to use in my project that's broken in the latest version of Unity, I'm going to write the developer in a friendly way. So maybe things will get fixed.
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  • ORK currently requires Unity 5.3 - i.e. you can also go back to Unity 5.3.0 if the latest versions have issues. I'm still working with 5.3.0 and not really experiencing problems.
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