• @Keldryn Please am really having an issue with some animation clips in medieval animation mega pack. Some of them doesn't work well when root motion is turned off. But we need to turn 'apply root motion' off to be able to work with ork framework. How did you do it? Again did you use the combo animations in medieval animation mega pack? With ork framework you don't have control of what frame of the animation clip you need to be to call the battle event or any other event. I tried splitting the combo clips into bits, to have better control on when to call the events, but they don't blend well when i combine them as separate abilities. I have contacted mr necterus the author, his solution didn't work, but he also said he is not so conversant with unity. He is just an artist. Please can you help or do you know where i can get solution.
  • All of the movement clips in that package have two versions; one with RM and one without.

    I found that you need to bake the Y position and X/Z rotations into the pose for most of the animations to get them to work right.

    As for the combo animations and blending them... Yeah, there are reason why I now use a dedicated character/animation controller (ootii's Motion Controller) instead of ORK's built-in features. When you need to trigger something at a specific frame of animation or maintain tight control over transitions, ORK isn't really up to the task. You can get more mileage out of the built in features if doing a turn based game. For a responsive real-time game, you will probably need a dedicated controller.

    Also, this particular animation pack isn't really very high quality. You get a lot for your money -- especially if you bought them during one of his holiday 50% off sales. I find them adequate for turn-based combat, but they just don't work that well for smooth real-time combat (IMO).
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    @keldryn thanks mr nice guy. please does the third person motion controller by ootii work well with ork framework without third person plugin?
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  • @henkesky1 - I don't quite follow. What do you mean by "third person plugin?" I don't know of any such thing.

    Ootii's Motion Controller works very well with ORK, but it does need some custom scripting to bridge the two. The same is true for any other character controller, such as Opsive's Third Person Controller or Invector's Third Person Controller Template.

    Of the three, ootii's is the only one where I was able to integrate with ORK without having to modify any of the asset's source code -- I can do it all by subclassing or by writing "bridge" components.

    Send me a PM and give me more details about how you want your game to control and I can give you more specific guidance.
  • I have what I'm sure is a dumb question: How do I set the weaponType for a particular weapon?

    In other words, if my NPC has a dagger (1) or a sword (2) in its inventory, how do I set the weaponType integer such that it recognizes which one it has?

    There's something fundamental I'm missing here!
  • @chainsawpenguin - it's being set as an integer animator parameter when you enter the Battle Ready idle state for that weapon.

    It's in the first post, once you get to the ORK editor screenshots.
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    I'm still not getting it. Shouldn't I need to set the weaponType somewhere on the *weapon*? Like, "Inventory->Weapons->Dagger (for example)->Equipment Variables" or something?
    So when we set the Battle Idle state, we will also specify the type of weapon being used. Now, I generally dislike using integer values instead of meaningful names, but this is one case in which the benefit is worth it. And you can make at least the first three weapon type definitions meaningful:

    0: Unarmed
    1: One-Handed
    2: Two-Handed
    3: Staff
    Bear with me. I'm pretty dumb.
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  • @chainsawpenguin - Not in this setup.

    I set the weaponType in the Battle_Ready idle animation for each set of weapon animations, and then in the individual weapons, I specify which animations (set) to use for each.

    So the weaponType animator parameter is set here:


    Hmmm, looks like I glossed over setting which animations to use on each weapon:

    For each weapon type, you're creating a new entry in "Animations" (under Base/Control), and then you set that value in each weapon's properties:

  • Oooooh! Cool! Thanks for taking the time to clarify this! That makes way more sense to my brain now!
  • No problem! It's been quite a while since I wrote this tutorial, so there are some things I'd probably do differently now.

    Still, it's a pretty good fit for turn-based games.

  • Hi Keldryn,

    Been trying to get in touch with you via Skype. Hit me up when you get a chance!

  • This is wonderful! Thank you!
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    So I use @Keldryn s solution for my animation types and works fine, but I notice I have some glitches sometimes and I checked my animator and sometimes it goes back to checkweapon state for a split second (I don't have any transition to it so I guess it goes back to entry like when you change weapon) which causes a hickup, anyone had similar issues ?
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  • @dlevel - You can (and should) get rid of the Check Weapon states, as they're probably causing a frame with no animation clip assigned.

    I was still fairly new to Mecanim when I wrote this; you can just run multiple transitions with different conditions off of the Entry node.

    I have thought about updating this tutorial several times, but that means taking new screenshots too and as I've long since moved on to using dedicated character controllers I haven't felt like putting in the time. ;-)
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