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So I was trying to follow this tutorial:

I got to the end just fine, but its not working quite perfectly.
When i enter the battle, the character keep running until the ATB gauge fills up then stop and enters Idle.

The move event also work fine except the attacks and cast animations starting, they are just skipped.
I tried this as well to fix it:

Ignored animations in battle events
Add Wait steps before playing animations (e.g. using a Combatant Animation step).
E.g. a small wait of 0.1 or even 0.01 can give the animator controller enough time to allow the desired transition.

This was advice in the thread. I noticed there was Mecanim Animation Node under Add > Animation + Audio > Animation > Mecanim Animation

Should I be replacing my Combatant Animation node with those? Im really at a loss here.

I'm also getting 7 of these in the console each time I launch a test:
Asset 'Male ORK Mecanim Controller': Transition in state 'AnyState' doesn't have an Exit Time or any condition, transition will be ignored

Here are images so you can tell me if I screwed something up or not. I'll give you screenshots of my attack event:

For the parameters spot I have tried having them turned on AND off, though the screenshot shows them turned off.

If we can fix this 1, then I can fix the rest! But I need me some help!
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    It sounds like you don't have the triggers set as conditions on the transitions from Any State to your Attack, Cast, Use, etc states.

    The tutorials have those animations played by setting a parameter on the Animator.

    Click on the arrow connecting Any State to your animation state and set the appropriate trigger parameter as a condition:


    Keep using the Combatant Animation step for battles. There is some cool stuff you can do with it such as setting up different animations depending on what weapon is equipped.

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    I see what your talking about now. I totally goofed and missed that! >_>; Trying that soon as I go home and if it works doing the more advanced one with variable weapon animations!

    Yup attempted it and it worked. I totally misunderstood how that animation controller function worked! Thanks!
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  • You're welcome! Glad I could help. Mecanim isn't quite as straightforward as the Legacy animation system.
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