What version of Unity are you using? I recently updated and the performance is horrible. Reverting....but not sure which version to revert to? Any help is appreciated. Should have learned my lesson by now...but the updates are always so tempting and they always promise fixes.
  • I updated to Unity 5.3.2p1 since there is an important fix to the particle system and the AABB exception, I have no performance issues that I can point to Unity, but to my lousy hardware, I did keep a copy of Unity 5.3.1 since playmaker has serious issues with 5.3.2.
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    Thanks. Not sure if it's a hardware issue. My hardware is not very old --it's celebrating it's one year birthday soon---and I see there are a lot of complaints in the Unity forum for both Mac and Windows. I think I'll revert to 5.3.1 for right now. I updated for the same reason you did. But I can't work with 5.3.2 at any reasonable speed and a lot of my assets when I try the demo scene in those assets just freeze Unity and these are assets that got 5 star reviews.

    I think it has to do with using OpenGL 4.


    I think the last really stable build of Unity was 4.6. I'd hate to revert that far back.

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  • Someone replied to my post and said they're fine with a patch of 5.1--

    "Just fyi I'm fine with 5.1.1p4"

    So I hope to go there.

  • I agree with you, 4.6 was really stable. All new stuff added to 5.x like Global Illumination, PBR support brings a new world of beauty but a new layer of complexity when level designing and performance tweaking for us who relays on third party assets.

    Going way back you´ll loose ORK´s new features, is it worth it?
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    Right now I'm downloading Unity 5.1 and I'll do the patch 5.1.1 p.4.

    Maybe that won't lose me the new ORK features? I have a question about that in to Gil in the thread for ORK.

    I don't know. I'm making a new game. My last game worked well in 4.6 with ORK so I don't know.

    But if I fire up Unity and everything is so slow--and the major assets I need are broken?

    What do i do? Crying is not an option. : ) I have partners who have patience and we'll just have to see where everything goes. I still make games for ios with an old 2.5 d editor and that gives me a lot of satisfaction. So I won't cry myself to death.

    But the new version is not viable in my humble opinion. It's not your hardware that's at fault. And I'm not particularly happy that some new graphics I bought and some old ones I was looking forward to using are virtually unusable.
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  • I red your post regarding Manufaktura assets for example, I have them as well and their demo play nice in Unity 4.6-7, but I won´t bother to much expecting the same result in Unity 5, I will import the assets and start a new level design from scratch since all the new light stuff and new shader are mostly the main cause of the performance issue. When importing some characters from Mister Necturus I had to change the shader to legacy manually, and the same for some trees textures. So prototyping using an already made demo from this assets wont be a good idea.
  • I'm just going to wait for Unity to catch up the way they did when they switched over to IL2CPP for ios. It was a few months of horror.

    I hope they can do it faster this time or let us know what we have to do to make things work.

    Thanks. I'll look at the shaders.

    But right now I have no Unity version of any kind on my Windows PC.

    So what version are you going to use---maybe I can use that version too. And we can somehow get things to work.

    But the performance is the real issue---I can't even get a demo to do more than freeze using 5 star graphics assets so don't know what will happen if I use those assets in a game.

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    Just to throw my two cents in here:

    I think the current patch for Unity has a memory leak. I noticed after running it for a few hours, my rig starts slowing down. I saw the memory used by Unity was in the millions of MB.
    Have to turn shutdown unity and re-boot before performance is back to where it is supposed to be. Haven't checked to see if anyone else is experiencing that problem. Perhaps this is what you are experiencing Cat.

    Speedtree trees and models from Arteria3D - I've had some performance issues with those in Unity 5 without some tweaking. Never had issues with Arteria models in 4. Never used speedtree trees until now.

    Granted, I'm not running current gen hardware and I know that is causing some issues. :)

    EDIT: Memory leak was confirmed as of Jan 28. They are working on a fix for the next beta version of 5.4.
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  • I am using the latest version of Unity with Windows 10 the only bug i have seen is after a long period of time the sound goes out, but that might be the Preamp that i am using. Also im at the beginning stages of my game so I may not really notice anything until later.
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    I use the demo scenes to help me decide which assets are useful for my current project --it saves me time in thinning things out. So it's not absolutely necessary for them to run in most cases.

    But when I'm learning a new asset it's absolutely necessary that they work for me. I guess I'll have to wait for 5.4. Or revert temporarily. Thanks everyone.
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    It looks like Unity 5.1.3f1 is fairly stable from what I've read. Where can I look to find out which version of ORK is compatible?

    Never mind--am going to reinstall the latest version and the patch and hope for the best. Will try using opengl2 and any other tips I can scrounge. May as well suffer along with everyone else. If my assets don't work, I'll write the developer. :/
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  • Unity 5.3 onward has had some really bad performance reports across the board, unfortunately. They haven't even fixed my particular AABB particle system exception yet, and they won't until 5.4, just in time for them to break some other core feature. :V
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    I saw your post in the Unity forum Kirb and felt really bad for you (for me too). It's very frustrating how new versions break old things. I'm going to stick with Unity 5.3.2 though so I can continue to use ORK's new features--the patch 5.3.2p2 helped me a little. Testing the assets I need for my project in it one by one. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    I read holliebuckets' post in November 2015 how she hoped 5.3 would be the most stable version ever and I just sighed.

    If I have a problem with any Unity asset I bought that I want to use--I'm going to write the creator in a friendly way. Maybe that's one way to encourage Unity to fix things--to put some light, adorable pressure on their asset creators. : )

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  • @Kirb in my case the AABB particles issue was solved with Unity 5.3.2p1
  • @RustedGames

    No such luck here, unfortunately. :(
    Or p2, even.
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    I make RFI! https://twitter.com/NootboxGames
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