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Hi! I'm hoping to create some custom inspectors to speed up my workflow. One thing I'd like to be able to achieve is having a text box component attached to an NPC in which I write down their conversation text, which is then referenced from within an ORK event.

Make sense? So I'd like to be able to make one event called ORKGenericNPC (or whatever), which reads variables that I've set in a custom inspector.

While I'm sure this is possible on some level, what would you recommend is the best way to achieve this? I am guessing writing a custom event step? That reads data from whichever actor's gameobject is set in that event's settings? Just thinking out loud, here, really, but I'd appreciate some input.

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  • That should be pretty easy - just write your custom component, unless you need to do something special for the inspector, the default Unity inspector should be enough for the text input.

    In the ORK event, use a Field To Variable step to store the text you've written in your component into a global string variable. You can display the value stored in the variable using text codes in Show Dialogue steps.
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  • Thanks GiL, that was a nice simple solution to what I thought might be a pretty complex problem.

    I think we can consider this one resolved ;)
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