Hello! This one is, I admit, a bit of a long shot, but I'm crossing my fingers there's a way to make it feasible.

Is it possible to add a custom button (that runs custom code) to the ORK Framework Window?

I'm trying to achieve something like I've demonstrated in this highly scientific diagram:

Another button, right there, I'd like to make. More specifically, I'm looking to create a 'Auto Load Actors' button that will add all objects in the scene that have a certain component, assigning names where appropriate. I'm fairly confident on that last part, but it's just creating the button that's stumping me :)

Is this possible? This'd meet my needs in 90% of cases and would be so much easier than manually adding the actors for each cutscene.
  • No, that's not possible.
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  • Yeah, I always figured it was a long shot - more something to improve my workflow than a dealbreaker. A pity, but I'm sure I can cope :)
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