Hello whilst i do not own personally ork, i'm thinking about buying it since it will decrease time on development, but my questions is how easy is to integrate those two assets with ORK (Although i do not own ork i believe it has it's own gui system so i would prefer to change it into ngui). Also as second question (or third) i want to know how easy is to modify engine to have rpg system similar to D&D, I ask because whilst i have some experience with rpg maker and the task to modify rules of gameplay to something like D&D is not easy accomplished since we require to basically change every script into our own, so easier is just to develop game from scratch.
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    If your talking about the formulas of D&D then its easy enough. There is a tutorials here showing how that works:

    I'm not a coder so I cannot provide insight into the NGUI stuff but the built in GUI (I prefer legacy over the new) in ORK is very versatile. GiL has done a bloody amazing job making it as flexible as it is.

    To be honest originally I wanted to use NGUI as well. But threw it out once I saw how much easier ORK was.
    Perhaps a coder or GiL can comment on NGUI's usage with ORK
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  • I'm with paulgswanson, I originally was going to use Ngui but since the new Unity GUI came out, and with ORK's versatility, Ngui has been gathering dust in my Asset Store stash for a long time.
    dullman, why don't you download the ORK Framework Demo, and go thru a few of the gameplay tutorials and see if it can do what you want. I think a D&D style system is certainly possible using the ORK formula and event system. Someone here who is more familiar with the formula system can probably chime in, since the dice rolls in D&D vary from 1D4 and up in the chance calculations and etc..

    Grab the ORK Demo - orkframework.com/download/
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    While there is none additional information about gui elements besides that it use basic ones from unity, so basically i assume that there is none additional components besides standard ones, and that seems to be really bad since basically the basic component for me is listView and there is none in standard gui, so if ork framework doesn't provide this as custom components than it's basically non usable for me (I don't mention something like tooltips, or any other gui components that are needed for something that is rpg/sim genre.

    As for D&D rules i mean it as reference since i would create my own similar to system from game Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate (More from first one but also from second one), and basically in that instead of getting constant values (like for maxhp) we get some randomized values per level (or any other "per") so for enemies(From the same type like goblin) we basically get each one with different attributes value, and also with different traits which lead to different skills/spells on battle or any other things.
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  • ORK generates the whole UI (dialogues, menus, HUDs) for you, i.e. you don't set up UI somewhere else than the editor (or prefabs for the individual parts of the GUI box when using the new UI). The legacy GUI and new UI (UGUI) are supported.

    If you want to add other UI solutions, you'll need to do this yourself (e.g. replacing or building upon ORK's new UI implementation).

    Building a D&D system should be possible with the formulas and all the other settings available to create the system you want :)
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  • Although late answer but thanks for answer, although to be truthful about ui what i wanted to know if it is encapsulated system means that for each element of ui i would need just to rewrite one method(class), or it somewhat hardcoded that i would need to rewrite code in several places and probably i would miss some place in first try (in other world is there a class UI manager which gets the items to show on screen and type of ui element and it choose ui elements that are needed and draw them).

    Also as there was a topic asking if it available for 2d games, but there was answered here that possible but there was mentioned that there might be some thing that needed to be reworked, so i would ask if it's possible to create either a post or tutorial which shows which elements of framework would be needed to be reworked.

    Next thing as for tile editor for 2d game i bought spriteTile, but since the asset doesn't have any pathfinding script built in so i would need to use the script from your framework (i believe it should have since enemies move on map it should have any pathfinding script, don't mention player character), so again my question how easy is to change pathfinding script information with that the spritetile would provide, again if i need to rewrite many reference in many place or just rewrite one class??

    The last thing as for characters i would use this asset https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/36334
    so while i do not know if it will work with spriteTile fine (since i'm yet to try it) but what i plan is to have 2d characters that use something similar to blendshapes(morphs) from 3d graphics, additionally the equipment drawn on character will be changed dynamically(depends on equipment), As i'm yet to get answer from creator about creating animation with standard unity tool but in worst case the animation will be just redrawn from svg files instead of using unity standard (or non standart) animation tool, so my question is again how easy or hard is to change the method that are used to play animations, and somewhat second question in this topic if i want to have animation that use two or more characters (like dancing) it's possible to change the animation for another character from player(or other) character (like if player choose dance with certain npc it will start play animation that has two characters whilst npc is moved near player and become invisible - since the other approach having two characters playing animation in synchronization is somewhat more difficult since i don't want to have simple draw one character before another)
  • You'll need to rewrite code at several places, or just make your own UI solution and not use ORK's UI.

    ORK works for 2D and 3D games without alterations. Depending on what style you go for and what products/techniques you're using, you may need your own scripts handling movement animations (instead of using ORK's auto move animation) and player or camera controls.

    For pathfinding, you can either use ORK's built-in simple movement controller (which just moves the game object directly to the position using a character controller), Unity's NavMesh or a custom solution.

    If your animations can be played through the legacy or mecanim animations there's no problem. Otherwise you can also use custom animation systems and just tell ORK which component and method to call in the editor, so there's no need to rewrite anything for this.
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  • I see so basically only for UI is somewhat problematic, so if i would use your framework i should write my own class that handles all UI data (To be truthfully it's not something that i didn't consider since i planned to add xml defined UI, to be easily moddable, although i'm afraid how much work i would put into finding all reference through your code since you don't have any wrapper class around UI methods - but you should consider making it in next version of assets since it will enlarge potential market).
    As for working in 2d maybe you should add in description of asset "work both for 2d and 3d projects". As for handling movement and controls for Player and Camera it's something that i expected since i would try to have isometric camera with multiple character control and demo shows only view from back of player char rpg game.
    As for pathfinding i still didn't dig into making maps, but from your words it sounds like there is none collision detect in ORK, which i mean hardly believe since it's something basic for rpg. As for Unity NavMesh although i have no idea what is that but truthfully i will check it if it something that i could use, but most probably i would need to use custom solution (And to be truthful i was eventually planned to do that but in that case if i use framework it would one of priority).

    As for animation from what you wrote it seems that i shouldn't be very hard to adapt even in worst case.

    Also one last question in framework scripts is there custom event system, or it's made through other means (I mean sometime i would love to create handler for event when character/player step into trigger of another characters - like comments how char looks etc., or for any other event like getting hit, evading etc. basically interaction between two or more characters (it didn't stop to Player Character but basically all characters can interact each other).
  • The asset store info says that it supports 2D and 3D games :)

    Collission detection is handled by Unity, nothing much for ORK to do here. NavMesh is Unity's built-in navigation solution.

    ORK contains an event system for things like interacting with an NPC, dialogues, quests, custom systems, etc.
    Also, there are event handlers that can inform your custom code of changes (e.g. if a combatant's status changed).

    I'd recommend doing the game tutorial series to learn how ORK works.
    Please consider rating/reviewing my products on the Asset Store (hopefully positively), as that helps tremendously with getting found.
    If you're enjoying my products, updates and support, please consider supporting me on patreon.com!
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