This is probably so simple but I've forgotten how to do it. I have two actors in the scene--prefabs of characters who will eventually join the player's group. I have the objects unchecked so you can't see them--they're disabled.

I want to activate them after a dialogue so they're visible.

I've tried using them as actors in the scene and using Activate Object. Nothing happens.

Any help is appreciated. : /
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  • I thought you should make them disabled by use Object Visible event in the first place and use Object Visible event again when dialogue complete

    because Object Visible event use loop command to setVisible all renderers in component children not just on object renderer.
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  • That works! Thanks, tanohmz!
  • Disabled/inactive objects can't be found by Unity, i.e. if you want to activate an inactive object, you'll have to add them as an actor in the inspector of the event interaction (using an actor of type Object without using Find Object).
    You can use the Activate Object step to set the actor active.
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  • Thanks, Gil! :D
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