I'm trying a third party player rather than first party as I've used before. So this is new stuff.

I notice Unity 5 Standard Assets no longer comes with a Mouse Orbit script and I'd like to use that functionality. I've googled Mouse Orbit Unity 5 and haven't come up with anything that isn't buggy.

Is anyone currently using a working Mouse Orbit script in Unity 5 or do you know of an asset store asset that provides that?

Thanks very much for any help.
  • Simple RPG Camera is a really good camera script for RPGs.

    If you're planning on using a full-featured character controller (like Opsive's Third Person Controller, Motion Controller, etc) then be aware that some of them come with full-featured cameras.

    For top-down views, Simple RPG Camera is great and is one of the few that has decent collision/avoidance behaviours. It will do over-the-shoulder views too. Motion Controller just comes with a basic camera rig (no collision/avoidance), but his Adventure Camera & Rig integrates well with it and is a very nice setup for that over-the-shoulder perspective.
  • Thanks, Keldryn. I'll try Simple RPG Camera!
  • You're welcome, @Catacomber!

    When using Simple RPG Camera with ORK, make sure you tag your Player prefab with something like "Player" and then specify that tag in SRPGC's "Target" settings tab.

    If you need it to be able to switch targets to other combatants (either in battle or when switching control of party members), I've already done a script for that.
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    I bought this. I like it a lot. Would you share your script for switching targets?

    Have you ever had any luck using the new Unity 5 Standard Assets third-party controller with ORK? Thanks.
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  • Sure, I can share those scripts (when I'm on my computer later).

    Never tried the Standard Assets controller with ORK, but I'll give it a try later today. Shouldn't be too difficult. I'll set it up using the Tutorial Assets stuff and add SRPGC and send you the project template, if you'd like.
  • That would be great. Thanks!
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    Well it works really well. : ) Thanks for helping me with this. You should do a tutorial because I'm sure some ORK users are using the Standard Assets Third-Party Controller or would like to.

    When I get more comfortable with Mecanim, I'll try the Opsive or other costly controllers in the Asset Store--but first have to work from square 1--getting something working with the Standard Assets.

    Thanks so much for your help!
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