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I was excited about Mecanim because I got some characters' animations working well with it using a Mixamo tutorial but am having trouble translating that to ORK. I've tried various simple third party controls with problems so going back to Button controls in OrK.

Using button controls in ORK--followed the Mecanim tutorial to set up the animator---spawned, my player doesn't move--I get this error message---very new to Mecanim so not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help is much appreciated.

Animator.GotoState: State could not be found
UnityEngine.Animator:CrossFade(String, Single, Int32)
ORKFramework.Animations.AnimationSetting:MecanimPlay(AnimInfo&, Animator, Int32)
ORKFramework.Combatant:Tick(Single, Single)
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  • Check that the state name you're using in your Animations settings in ORK match the state name you're using in your animator.

    You can also zip up the project and PM me a link to it and I can check it out for you.
  • Thanks. I'll have to strip it down first. i've tried for days to get a third-person player working.
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    Thanks for helping me with this. My player can move now with Mecanim and the Standard Assets Third Party Controller. Quite nice. : )

    The movements are just what I wanted. Thanks for taking the time to help me.

    I know I can get probably even sleeker movement with the paid for third-party controllers in the asset store but I like to start with the free. : )

    And I don't know enough to take advantage of them yet so--just learning Mecanim--am better off with what you showed me how to do. Quite a lot really.
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    Can one of you tell me how it got fixed? I'm having the same errors. thnx

    Edit: After following this tutorial I basically figured it out... mostly. Still some bugs to work out though.
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  • Mecanim is somewhat tricky, as you never have full control over the animation system and potential overrides from what you tell ORK to do through the animation controller's transitions (or missing transitions :D).
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