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I have a player choice screen where most of the player choices are Humanoid and use right now the Third Person Standard Asset Controller--considering switching to Opsive's Third Person Controller but I think my question would be the same.

So I set up the Controls so ORK can recognize the Third Person Controller scripts in Base Controls/Game Controls/Player Controls/Custom Controls and thanks to Keldryn I have this working really well.

HOWEVER--I have one player choice that uses a Generic, not a Humanoid Mecanim Rig and it needs its own script to run its animations. It can't use the Third Person Controller. If I add its script to Base Controls/Game Controls/Player Controls/Custom Controls---will it be added to every player choice, even the Humanoid Rigs? Will it mess up my other player choices? What can I do to make this work?

I guess one solution would be to add his script to the Third Person Controller scripts and test whether he's the game object--but is there an easier way--f.e. switching out which script is added to the Base Controls of ORK in an event if he's the Player? Or something else?

Thanks for any help. : )
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  • The custom control components will only be added by ORK if you enable Add Component in the setup. If there are multiple controls possible in your games, add all of them to the custom controls (without Add Component) and set them up on your prefabs as needed.
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  • Thanks very much! That should work. : D
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