In Mecanim, even though I don't have Loop checked for the Player's Death Animation, it plays more than once. Any suggestions? I don't have a clamp animation option. : | Using the Standard Assets Third Person Controller right now.
  • How is the death animation set up in your animator controller? E.g. if there's a transition from every state to the death state and the condition for it is still valid that might cause this.
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  • I helped her set this up, @gamingislove. There is a "death" trigger from Any State to the death animation and no transitions out if it.

    I also tried creating a single-frame death pose from the last frame of the death animation and had the death animation transition to that with Has Exit Time 1. I also tried disabling the Standard Assets character controller in the death event in case it was putting the character back into movement/idle states, but that didn't seem to work either.
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