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After trying for awhile in the framework and looking a bit on the forums, I could not find a similar post. I am trying to increase Health based on Defense in a formula, but when I apply it, the Defense does not accommodate it. Does anyone have a solution or done something similar to this and can help me?
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  • Try turning Health into a combined value (Status -> Status Values -> Base Settings) and setting up a formula that adds the Defense stat to it (or Defense * 0.25 or anything else you have in mind).

    If the formula you need is more complex and requires parentheses to control the order of operations, then the best way I've found is to create multiple formulas and add their results in a final formula that brings them together.
  • Exactly what JellyPaladin said; especially concerning the parentheses and order of operations.

    Now that I think about it, adding a few nodes for order of operations within a formula would be pretty handy. (Such as a 'Calculate Formula So Far' and 'Store Formula So Far Value as Local Variable" etc.)

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  • In Status Development, you can use formulas to increase status values on level up.
    Other than that, using a Combined status value is the way to go :)
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  • Sorry for the long reply, it has been a bit hectic lately. Thanks JellyPaladin, it worked perfectly. =D
  • After reading over some other comments as well as this post, I'm wondering how to solve my problem: I would simply like to have MaxHealth based on a formula of Fortitude * 10 for a melee class for example. And then have a formula for each development set. I've tried this and the formula Test is giving the correct result but only gives the character 2 health at runtime.
  • Consumable stats don't necessarily start at 100% of their max value. If you're using a Status Development (sounds like you are), make sure the Initial Value is set to a number at least as high as what you want the value to be when the character spawns. I tend to just make the value something absurd like 7777 since the game won't let it go above the final max HP anyway.
  • Alright, thanks, I'll give that shot :)
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