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Some of you may wonder what features are still coming before the official release (which isn't that far away any more).

Well, here's a list of the bigger features that are coming in the beta phase:
  • Phase Battles
    Another battle system type, will already be included in beta13 (the next update).
  • Currency system
    Well, allowing multiple currencies and exchange rates.
  • Console system
    Output of all kinds of actions (like 'Brown Pants attacks Evil Pants' or 'Evil Caster -10 HP.') to a console - along with displaying that stuff in HUDs and menus.
    Maybe also console input coming, but that's something for post-beta :)
  • Ability Development
    More complex ability development system with trees, requirements, etc.
    This also includes menu screen integration of the development system.

Beside that, there are a lot of smaller features still coming, e.g. random battles or menu screen default action (use, give, level up, etc.).
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