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Hi, I have a stupid questions today, or at least it makes me feel stupid. I put together a new project yesterday and I haven't been able to load scenes in it. I have the main menu set up correctly (I think). It's set to load up my scene in the editor (I've tried multiple scenes), I have my start event, but when I hit new game, it chokes.

I looked at it in the inspector, and it calls up the scene changer, but then nothing happens. It's weird. Here are some screens:




Sometimes it says "Ork Asset Not Found" too. I'm not sure how that would be, as I think I imported everything.

Any clues?

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  • Well, there are multiple things to consider:

    - is the main menu's scene spelled exactly like that, e.g. the tutorial resources have it named 0 Main Menu
    - do you have all of your scenes added to Unity's build settings (if not, Unity can't load them)
    - ORK Asset Not Found could mean that you forgot to add your ORK project asset to the scene changer :)
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  • oh man I can't believe i forgot to add the scenes into the build settings! Stupid me. See, last time I built my project on top of the tutorial, and this time I'm not.

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