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Good evening .

I have a swipe detection my GUI and JavaScript for mobile , as an attack button of RealTime Battle it
Want to take advantage of .
I have tested the demo project attached .

· I made HUD from Menus -> HUDs. (ID = 4 , Name = MobileSwipeHudTest)
· I already have a My GUI, I have turned on the [Display Conditions] the [No Display]
· Because I want to set as the AttackKey this [No Display] HUD,
  Control Type -> Possitive Button
  Input Key -> 6: AttackKey

· Added the following to the script of my GUI ( so JavaScript, "import " . Not "using")
  import ORKFramework;
  import ORKFramework.Behaviours;

· From here , my script or will that you have pressed HUD How do I ?

< Tried it >
HUDControl.Tick ();
Are you sure you want to use with ?
I do not know well how to use ...
I had Error.
BCE0020: An instance of type 'ORKFramework.HUDControl' is required to access non static member 'Tick'.

Should I use the ORK.HUDs.SetData?
ORK.HUDs.SetData(Correct answer What to put in the argument?)
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