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I've been thinking of ways to make my combat more engaging, and I was wondering if it was currently possible to have a couple of targets on a single combatant? My instinct says no.

For example, let's say I have a colossus monster, and I need to slap his legs a bit, making him fall over, then begin attacking his head.

If not, is it a feature that you'd be willing to add to the framework?
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  • Dang, that's a great question!
  • Maybe using multiple damages zones on your monster would do the trick and call an event when monster would reach a certain amount of HP . But if you want for example left arm and right arm on the same monster with their own status i don't think that's possible , but for now multiple damage zones seems the best way to do this , for me :)
  • Definitely something I'll be looking into in the near future - would bring a lot of new possibilities :)
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  • Solid! That's gonna be awesome!
  • I've been trying some hacky ways to do this, having a built-in way would be excellent. :D
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  • I agree. I've played many games where you have to attack a specific area of a monster and it's very challenging.
  • Looking forward to it! :D
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