First of all, big thanks for the grid battles - you've done a seriously amazing job. Although, that said, I'm still having one or two hiccups :)

First, the background - the game I am developing is a 2D game - top-down. I ended up needing to change the provided source code so that the grid would orientate in the XY axis rather than the XZ axis. I couldn't find another way. It's entirely possible this will have knock-on effects, I'm not sure.

Which leads me to my main issue.

I'm having trouble with the grid move command. I can't animate the grid move, and I'm having doubts that the move command is even being processed. When I select the cell and press 'confirm', ORK just exits back to the battle menu.

I hope I'm just missing something obvious :)
  • Yes, the grid system still needs a horizontal plane setting to define if it's XY or XZ plane, will be added in future updates (probably the next one).

    When confirming a cell goes back to the battle menu, the only logical explanation would be that you pressed the cancel key. What battle system are you using and what are the settings for it?
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