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(Im posting here thanks to Gil for giving me special permission. Thanks GIL!)

Ive been game developing for a few years now. And after trying my damnedest to work around some of unity's quirks related to graphics and performance issues. i dropped unity all together. and left quite a few projects undone due to this. Now that unreal has done alot of the work i wanted unity to do, i switched over to unreal engine an completely dropped Unity all together.

I restarted my Sora, A Tale Of A Hero Project From Scratch Inside Unreal with Hand Painted Stylized Graphics. This is a slow process due to my Game Dev job taking Up most of my time. But i have been slowly putting things together from world design to
the coding.

The Game it self will be a semi open world with the exceptions of Caves and houses and other buildings that you will be able to enter.

More info will come later when i finish more of the game and am able to make a game play vid.
work in progress of the main character Sora. this is modeled by me .


Hope you like the pics. Ill be slowly updating this as I progress.
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