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Hello @GiL seems that inheriting from BaseLanguageData to have access to localization features has no effect when displaying the Plugin settings over the ORK Editor, is this by design or might be missing some steps to make it work?
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  • That's actually by design to have the content information displayed on top of all settings.

    If you want to add content info stuff (name, description, icon) use a LanguageInfo array, e.g.:

    [ORKEditorInfo("Content Information", "Set the name, description and icon.", "", endFoldout=true)]
    [ORKEditorArray(foldout=true, languageFoldout=true, dataType=ORKDataType.Language)]
    public LanguageInfo[] languageInfo = ArrayHelper.CreateArray<LanguageInfo>(ORK.Languages.Count);
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    Thanks @GiL it worked like a charm
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