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I'm trying to test an implementation for a skill system similar to the Materia system used in Final Fantasy 7 .

Essentially I wanted to create a way to make certain skills available for use by a battler under the conditions that item that they equipped was at a specified level.

Fire Level 1 - Item level 1

Fire level 2 - Item Level 2


I've been experimenting with a few ideas and thought that the best approach would be to allow battlers to equip "armor" and with that armor allow the use of a skill to be usable but only under the condition of the Armor's level.

Though I noticed that Armor/Weapon levels are not valid Requirement option criteria choices.

Is there a chance that such functionality could be added to Ork in the future? :D

Otherwise, is there another, recommended approach/consideration that I could use to test the system?

Thank you very much!

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  • I'll add level checks for the equipped weapon/armor check in status requirements in the next update.

    You might want to use a different feature, though. If I understood you correctly, you want abilities to be equipable like the materia system in FF7?
    In that case, I'd recommend using the Equipment Ability settings in your equipment. They'll add the defined abilities when equipped to a combatant and are set up per level, i.e. level 1 armor could add a level 1 ability, level 2 armor a level 2 ability, etc.
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  • Ohhhh really?

    I must have misunderstood the interface! I thought that the Equipment Ability settings were independent of the Armor's level and were allocated across all levels!

    I'll check it out!

    And thank you so much!

    I really appreciate your work! You've been willing to add so many features that I've mentioned...

    I feel the gaming and I feel the love :D
  • Yep! I feel silly. It was in front of my eyes the whole time... hahaha!
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