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Hey guys,

This group buy has once again changed in it's focus. Previously we were discussing about potential changes that would support the new UI. As of now, we have changed our focus on the last remaining feature that I was planning to update. We are now focusing on compiling a list of features that we require, over in our private discussion which will be posted here once they have been drafted and will most likely be refined over time.

If anyone is interested in joining the private discussion, just send me a message or post in the forum :)

Thanks for your support guys, let's all work together to make ORK even better!

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    Hello Bantichai, as i said before, thank you for you valuable help in here, please can you elaborate on the Interface part of the last milestone?

    Best Regards.
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  • I've sent the list of changes to GiL and he's working through them. In about a week or so hopefully, I'll be able to post that list here. If after reading the list you see something you like or want to expand on, any funds that you contribute would help me as I can then roll my own money towards paying off the last milestone or the future features.

    If not, then the next batch of features I'm planning would probably come out later.
  • If you could send out, or even privately, a draft about features you are planning, i will be glad to see if i can contribute. ^_^
    In any case, thanks a lot for expanding ORK so much!
  • Same as Kaemalux said :)
  • I may be interested, depending on what features are planned for the UI. I contributed to the grid combat but ended up not doing a turn-based game, so unfortunately I need to be sure that I'll use the features before committing anything. :-)
  • Thanks for the support guys, I have already forwarded the list of changes I require to GiL. He's going through them and then presenting me with a feature list and costs. I'll post the feature list when I get it here and I'll send you guys the costs privately.
  • Bantichai,
    I might can help pay for some game features just a bit. I don't have a lot to spare though. However, are you doing something like a TILT.com, like the original grid battle group buy did, to collect the funds or Just how do you want to collect the funds from us to pay GiL?
  • Second RifleFire--how do you plan to fund this? TILT.com worked for the last ORK update via crowd funding. I felt very comfortable with it.
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    I'm happy with using something like TILT if that is what you guys are most comfortable with. I haven't used it before so I will have to look into it. Prior to this, I was just planning to pay GiL through normal means, which is via his webstore. The overall payment would just be broken down into smaller payments and we'd each pay our share and I'd cover the rest.

    At the end of the day, is what is most comfortable with you guys, I'm just grateful that there is some interest, as I said it just means I can roll my funds into the other features I have planned.

    Once again, in the next few days, a list of changes for the UI will be posted here and I'll send you privately the quote if you were interested in helping me fund either the last research milestone payment or UI update :)
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  • Ok looking forward for that :)
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    Hello Bantichai, Thanks !

    If you have any group private chat with this please add me in. I would like to see what features are added and how much is needed to fund them. I'll probably chip in with at least something.

    My deal is (and I think same can be said for a lot of people) I still have not fully explored ORK's Grid combat yet, only parts required by my current projects. So I don't really know what features I'll need, but I'm sure there will be some. I'll be doing that in following weeks and I'm sure I'll come upon more missing features.

    So if community is interested in another group buy to make grid combat more robust that would be great, but it's probably good idea to devote some time to creating a list, so people can test the framework properly and come up with what they need.

    I'm interested in any group buy that either adds features and implementations that make creating western style turn based combat game easier. (Fallout, X-Com, Age of decadence, Wasteland, Underrail etc) or that expand the general features that would allow for more indepth tactical combat in general. Like terrain height figuring in accuracy, placing traps on grid, cover system, casting aoe spells on grid (like firewall that burns enemies who step on it, web trat traps enemies etc) and AI to avoid it, Diagonal attacks on square grid, spell combos (melt ice on grid with fireball).

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  • Hi Hellwalker,

    Your pretty much in the same boat as me. I will create a private chat and add all of you guys in :)

  • To anyone else interested, additional details are discussed in a private group chat. Please let me know if you would like to join :)
  • Count me in, i would like to join. ^_^
  • This discussion is still on going for anyone else interested. I am currently just waiting on GiL to send me a feature list of the any possible changes needed to the UI. If anyone else is interested I have set up a private discussion to cover other details such as cost, you are more than welcome to join :)
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