I've been looking into ways to implement a system where the a player combatant can circulate through a list of it's known abilities via Positive and Negative Value keys, and then use the selected ability via a hotkey.

I have two abilities and want to find a way to use a single button to activate a single ability as long as it is "Highlighted" or displayed on the Skill Menu Bar.

The condition requires the ability to "Highlight" a slot and then execute the ability assigned to the slot via a "skill button".

I was also trying to configure the Slot HUD to only display one ability at a time to give the appearance of the "current selected ability"

Looking at all of the Slot and Shortcut HUD tutorials and personal experimentation. I've built a model and could get about 60% there. The only problems are circulating the slots using set Input Keys, and allowing a single button to activate a "highlighted" skill.
I think I can make the menu appear to focus on a single ability, by messing with the parameters of the cell list types ( I'm still working with it).

Given the current implementation of ORK, would anyone happen to have some suggestions as to how such settings could be reached?

It would be very appreciated.

Thanks you!
  • Well, the shortcut HUD isn't meant for this - what you're trying to do is pretty much an ability menu ... so yeah, I don't think this is possible with the HUD :)
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  • Ah gotcha!

    Back to the drawing board then!
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