Hi again!

So I notice that within the ORK event editor I can 'see' the titles of ORK logs:


I would like to achieve this same effect within an inspector. Is this possible?


FYI, I'm trying to achieve something a little bit like the email system from the original Deus Ex (what a game!). Whereby the player can go up to an object, access it, and then read a set of logs.

Thanks all,
  • In your custom inspector, you'd use a popup field with all the names of the logs. You can get the names for the logs using ORK.Logs.GetNames(true) (true will add the ID numbers as in all ORK selection fields).

    You can get the names of other data the same way, e.g. ORK.LogTexts.GetNames(true) for log texts or ORK.Abilities.GetNames(true) for abilities.
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