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Hi, just a quick question today. I am using a multi-member party now, and I am spawning them as a group. But while the main character is spawning at a player spot, the others are spawning at ally spots rather than player spots, and I'm not getting battle menus for them. Did I skip something or not enter info in somewhere you need to catalog who is in the party, etc.?
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  • That's strange - as long as you've added them to the active player group, they should be spawning on player spots.
    Also, check if they've AI Controlled enabled in their AI settings, they'll select their battle actions based on their AI and not display a battle menu if that's enabled :)
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  • yeah, that was it, I didn't enter them into the start event. I kind of realized that last night in bed, but you confirmed it and I fixed it today. Thanks, man.
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