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In my game, I'm working with a system where the player's party automatically disbands when they enter a building and then when they exit the building they can re-select the members to join their active group again.

The problem that I'm facing is when I use the the Leave Active Group node, I do not select "Delete" in hopes that when I later use Join Active Group, I may recover the combatant with the same level, items, and equipment attached as when they had left.

However, whenever I use Leave Active Group and then follow up with a Join Active group, I receive a completely new copy of the combatant and the one I had before (reset level, equipment and items)?

Is there a setup that I'm missing that should be done to maintain the data for each combatant?

Thank you!
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  • You can make another player group called 'Reservoir' and put them there. Then put them back into the main player group. Think FF7 party system.

    By doing that, you're not deleting them, just moving to temp group.
  • That is an interesting strategy! I'll try it.

    Thank you very much!

    And it's good to see you again! I hope your project is going well
  • Yeah, seems like Join Active Group currently doesn't use the inactive members, will fix this in the next update :)
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  • No worries and likewise!

    The project is on hold at the moment till I get myself sorted out first. Lacking skills in other areas except programming if anything. It's not easy being a one man army.

    Happy to help and hear more from you and your work soon.
  • Ah much appreciated GIL, I bet that might help out a lot of other future (an current) ORK users!

    And yeah Raiulyn I know the feeling. And absolutely!
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