I mentioned that Sky Master has hidden code that will allow a persistant dynamic sky across scenes. I wanted to present my findings to the rest of the community. I will add screenshots later (although my character has all the time in the world, unfortunately I do not.):

the code that needs to be manipulated is "SkyMasterManager.cs"

remove the comment signifiers (//) that are at the beginning of each line starting after the words


there are 3 sections that needed to be uncommented

Note: leave line number 2097 commented. It caused errors when i uncommented it.
also, there will be lines commented that are only for ORK 1. the comment signifiers for those are not at the beginning like the ork 2 lines. leave those intact.

finally, ensure that when you add SkyMasterManager to the game "USE_ORK" has a check mark.
If i am understanding the coding correctly it creates the variables TIME, TIME_DAY, and TIME_MONTH - with the variable TIME receiving information from SkyMaster's currentTime variable.

All Months Last 30 Days, with 12 months being 1 year and every 3 months being a season

While Skymaster is in the scene, Time is persistant. in order to manipulate time via the event system, you will need to be in an area where Sky Master is not running the TIME variable. For example, I will leave Sky master out of indoor areas and dungeons and have events that will allow for time to be manipulated.

I also added Weekday and time names to The UI and events that rely on time to function.

For those that are interested, I added a system test in itch.io with the results. the red room is the "outside world" and the blue room is the inside rooms like inns, etc.

the outside room is kinda blurry. ill fix when i am away from work. [edit: nevermind. i removed the DOF]

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