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Hi, I can't believe this is happening to me again, but... I have a new game and I don't seem to be getting any damage from attacks, whether it's the player or the enemy. I set up all the formulas and the damage notification event, but nothing is happening during battle. I tested using a potion, and there was a notification there, so that works... But my life (installed the player hud) isn't going down, and it seems like attacks are doing nothing. It's not even saying there's no damage during attacks, so I feel like something is wrong with that. In the console/top info hud it's saying the characters are attacking, but that's about it.

I feel like I've set up something wrong with my attacks but I'm not sure. I checked defense attributes and they all seem right and I doublechecked my formulas for hit chance and damage, and I'm pretty sure these are ok. Any advice on what I need to be looking for here? Thanks a lot for your help, guys.
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  • - check your ability's target changes if they're set up correctly
    - check your ability's hit chance (maybe you're just missing everytime :D)
    - if you've enabled to animate the ability, check your battle events, one of them needs to have a Calculate step
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  • you were right, it was my attack event. I'm not sure what was wrong with it yet, but I took it out and everything is working now. I'll go back and redo it and see what happens.

    Thanks GiL
  • I was having the same issue but the solution was that I needed to check all the boxes for Ignore Defense Attributes in the Target Changes for the ability.
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