I'm trying to add a natural passive regeneration ability to my characters.
It would heal their health, mana and stamina over time as an innate ability.
The problem is that on my player character the effect keeps stacking every time I load the game.

Plus I can't remove the status effects. At all.
Not with any event.
Is this a known bug? Or have I overlooked something?

I'm on Ork version 2.7.1
Really appreciate if anyone can help.
  • I even tried writing a script to take away the buffs directly and it wouldn't work.
    The following script, when the function is called, prints both log messages successfully but doesn't remove the status effect.
    using UnityEngine;
    using System.Collections;
    using ORKFramework;
    using ORKFramework.Behaviours;

    public class RefreshRegen : MonoBehaviour {
    public void RemoveRegen()
    Debug.Log("Remove Regen Function Called");
    CombatantComponent combatantComponent =
    gameObject.GetComponent ();
    if (combatantComponent != null) {
    Debug.Log("Combatant Component Valid");
    Combatant combatant = combatantComponent.combatant;
    combatant.Status.RemoveEffect (37, false, false);

  • Okay it seems like checking the Force box in the event node makes it work.
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    If it's an auto effect coming from a passive ability or equipment (or directly from the combatant), you can only remove the effects by force (as you discovered).

    If you don't want this to be a status effect, you can also use the Status Value Time Changes in the combatant's status settings - you can define different regeneration over time of consumable stats for field and battle independently.
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