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I have a combatant in scene with an Add Combatant component on it. I set the waypoints on the Add Combatant to 3 empty objects in the scene. The Move AI is set up under Waypoint Settings Reset Time 5 and Base Settings > Use Mode > Idle

The combatant is moving to each way-point perfectly fine but isn't stopping at each waypoint for the Reset Time of 5 seconds before it continues to the next waypoint

I'm not sure if this is a bug or I'm setting it up wrong.
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  • The reset time is for changing to the next waypoint when not being able to reach the current waypoint.
    What happens at a waypoint is handled by the move events defined in the Idle Settings, e.g. if you want a wait time, create a move event with a Wait node with your wait time.
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    Thanks GiL :D ! I thought i tried that but I guess its something else.

    IM AN IDIOT HAHAHA! the combatant speed minimum was 3 so it was always moving and couldn't be slowed down to 0
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