Hello! Long time no speak. Have been pretty busy lately, but now getting back to Unity :)

I am using the grid framework, and also the 'Auto Join' setting. The desired behaviour is to trigger a battle, then have all nearby combatants take part in the battle. I have this working.

The only problem I am facing is that ORK also wants to spawn a combatant group. This is resulting in extra enemies taking part in the battle that shouldn't be there.

Is there some way I can disable the spawning of combatants before battle? Or will this require some custom scripting? If so, could you advise the best way in which to do this.

  • Hm, the group is probably coming from the battle you're starting. You'd have to use a different setup, e.g. starting the battle through the spawned combatants, either by getting close to them or using the event system to start a battle with one of the combatants.
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  • Yep, all fixed now! I just started the battle from a combatant (via the event system) rather than the Battle Component itself, and 'boom' - works perfect!

    Thanks for your assistance!
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