GIL and forum members, how would it sound if we could have a market place section in this forum that we could buy/sell/trade/request, some events/battle AIs/integrations etc. for ORK?

I m more for the trade part, but if the logistics allow it, it would be a free market and help many.
  • Sounds cool :)
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  • You're always free to share your stuff, as long as you don't share ORK itself :D
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  • Yeah you have my vote on it cause that does sounds cool.
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    Ok would be best if we had a separate forum thread, but until we have ppl I guess we can start here.

    I would pay money for a network integration tool for ORK. PM me for more info if someone expertise with that has started a project like this. Or work with someone else to start that integration ourselves.
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