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i set up the Hud for the moving but it does nothing when i touch it on my phone could i get an example of how to set up a hud for mobile movement without touch to move. cuz touch and mouse movement seem to get stuck with the box and sphere colliders
  • HUD Type is set on Controller
  • oh and the only thing that works is the jump
  • It's actually pretty simple:
    - set the element's Control Type to Joystick
    - select the 2 input keys you you're using for horizontal (key 1) and vertical (key 2) movement
    - set the element's size, axis center and image size to the values you need
    e.g. element size of X=0, Y=0, W=200, H=200, axis center X=100, Y=100 and image bounds X=-25, Y=-25, W=50, H=50

    And after doing a quick test, seems like you'll currently need to set the input key's type to None to get the input from the HUD. Will be fixed in the next update :)
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