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I have found that some animations do not loop. For instance, the player's idle animation plays once and then stops. When moving, the animation does loop, though. But only on the player, when I have an enemy moving with a Move AI, their movement animation only plays once and then stops, until the next time they start moving to a different position.
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  • Ork doesn't handle animation looping. More likely, it's because of your character. In your character's fbx animation section, check to see if the idle animation is set to loop. Same goes for your enemy. Check to see if the enemy's movement animation (walk, run) is set to loop.
  • Yup, got nothing to do with ORK - you need to set your animations to loop in their own settings :)
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  • I was completely unaware that ORK didn't handle the looping. Thanks for the tip, fixing it on the FBX worked perfectly. :D
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