Hi, Is there any way to have multiple loot tables within 1 loot to be used. For instance I make a loot called New , within it I make 3 loot tables with all the same player level minimum 1 to maximum 99. All 3 loot tables will be called because they all match the player's level. I have unchecked Used First Found Table which is suppose to allow multiple matching loot tables to be used, but my problem is that the minimum level from the second loot table can't match the first loot table.

example of whats wrong:

Loot Table 0
minimum level 1
maximum level 99

Loot table 1
minimum level 100
maximum level 101

The table levels can never match, am I doing something wrong?
  • Yeah ... you're right, will remove that limitation in the next update :)
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  • Ok cool thanks you're the best :D!
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