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I updated ORK 2.12 to 2.13.1 (5.6.2 unity). And everything starts fine, but when I open/close some menu screens, or cast some abilities, I end up having some errors:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
ORKFramework.GameHandler.GetPlayer ()
ORKFramework.Behaviours.BaseInteraction.KeyPress ()
ORKFramework.Behaviours.EventInteraction.Update ()

Edit: This seems to be fixed at the moment, after importing everything again.

Now I have another problem, on Equipment menu, I drag my mouse over on the right-hand selection, I hear the sound of the selection sound effect stacking many times like it selects the item 10 times in 1". No console errors on this and it doesn't happen on Inventory or the other slots, just the right-hand slot of equipment (number 4) which has the same settings as the other slots. Tried to disable "Show Button" and changed the box bounds, nothing changed.
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  • Hm ... strange, can you send me a test Unity project where this happens?
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  • NVM, fixed with the old way of remaking the GUI box :)
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