I just recently realized that due to the way I made my (almost done) game demo I needed to rework all of my scene changes so that they could use Additive Loading rather than Single Loading.

Though I've noticed that ORK doesn't seem to currently have support for Custom Cameras or Player Control Components so that they can be placed on cameras or the player in an Additive context unlike in the Single Mode.

I was wondering if there were, perhaps, some settings that I might be missing that could allow for this, or if this is something that was in the pipeline to be adjusted down the road given that Additive Loading is still a new feature for ORK?

  • Hello again!

    So I actually solved the problem above with an (maybe not the most efficient, but get's the job done) approach.

    I created a persistent object that exists through scenes that manages when a new scene has become unloaded, and once it does, it makes sure that the camera in the newly loaded scene has the Custom Camera Controls added via:

    camera = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("MainCamera");
  • Hm, shouldn't it also be best to not have a camera in each scene when using additive loading?
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  • Ah yeah, the only issue with it is, I use deadzones for my camera in each scene which are unique to each scene.

    And so I can't have those get carried over from scene to scene.

    Otherwise, I totally could. I'm pretty sure I could do my implementation better, but for the time being, I want to make sure that everything works :D

    Thanks for the info though. I'll keep that in mind as I consider ways to improve my system!
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