Hi everyone,

From my understanding right now, a status value will be applied to all combatants I have. But I am trying to achieve something like

* I have status values SV1, SV2, SV3, SV4
* and combatants C1, C2 (if necessary, they can be in different classes)
* then I want to apply only SV1 and SV2 to C1; only SV3 and SV4 to C2.

Anyone have insights on this?

Thanks in advance.
  • All combatants will have all status values, but you don't need to set them for all combatants.

    Depending on your combatant's status development setup, you'll either directly define the initial values of the status values in the combatant's settings or via the Status Development selected for the combatant (and defined in Status > Status Developments).
    You'd just set the status values a combatant doesn't need to 0 (or whatever the minimum value of the SV is).

    Alternatively, you can use Object game variables on the combatants.
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